Frequently Asked Questions

How does a bookkeeper help my business?

Bookkeepers ensure that your transactions are recorded accurately. They prepare personalized reports and finances to help you better understand your business and keep you compliant with government agencies.

What is the difference between bookkeeping and accounting?

Bookkeepers keep track of transactions and accountants produce financial models from that provide information for better understanding your business. Here at Potente8, we are a team of skilled professionals that includes bookkeepers and accounts. While your bookkeeper may not be skilled enough to draw conclusions about your books, you can partner with in other services where accountants get the big picture to grow your business.

Accounting services include things like:
  • Assist clients in the preparation of their financial statements
  • Help clients in obtaining financing
  • Assist with Computerized accounting systems and Onsite Training
  • Develop budgets and forecasts
What does my bookkeeper do?

We can do it all. Our services are customizable so we can do as much or as little as you like. Things we can do include:

  • We handle data entry and receipts
  • Correctly code expenses for in-process work
  • Record who paid who, when, and how much
  • track incoming payments, and issue invoices,
  • Calculate and submit your Sales and
  • Calculate Payroll Taxes
  • Pay invoices for supplies and services
  • Monitor deadlines and apply payment to debts
  • Record incoming cash and deposits at the bank
  • Reconcile accounts accurately every month
  • Ensure bullet-proof financial statements for tax time
  • Maintain your Budgets
  • Report any issues or variances
  • Help with and any other back-office service you may need
Will I work with the same bookkeepers all the time?

Yes, you’ll have a dedicated book-keeper, although you have access to our entire team of bookkeepers accountants and finance professionals if you need extra advice.

How long does it take to get my bookkeeping caught up?

It all depends. Things like the duration, transaction volume, and information gaps can delay how long is takes to get you on track. But, we always try our best to get you caught up as soon as possible.

Do you provide invoicing, bill payment, payroll, or inventory management?

Yes we do. Every one of our customers is unique. We will set up a meeting with you to discuss which services you want to include in your back office and book-keeping package.

Will PotentE8 file my taxes?

Yes. We have experienced tax accountants who file your taxes. If you would like that service check out Tax Page.

Do you offer tax or financial advice?

Yes, we do. We can customize your services for whatever you need. We offer consulting services that can really help your business grow. Check out our FPA and Tax Pages.